Juicy J - Lit In Ceylon


Juicy J has released a surprise 16-track mixtape titled Lit In Ceylon. The mixtape, hosted by DJ Blak, doesn't contain a single feature. While there may not be any guest artists, there are plenty of producers. TM88, Southside, and Zaytoven to name a few. Take a look at the tracklist and stream/download Lit In Ceylon below.

01. Juicy J- Where The Justice At (prod by Tarentino)
02. Juicy J - Mansion (prod by TM88)
03. Juicy J - Blue Bently (prod by TM88)
04. Juicy J - ACT (prod by TM88, Smash David)
05. Juicy J - Wet (prod by Tarentino)
06. Juicy J - Back Out (prod by TM88)
07. Juicy J - Winnin (prod by Tarentino))
08. Juicy J - Green Carpet (prod by TM88)
09. Juicy J - Enjoy (prod by Tarentino)
10. Juicy J - One Minute (prod by Tarentino)
11.Juicy J - Pressure (prod by Tarentino)
12.Juicy J - Control (prod by Southside)
13. Juicy J - Ol Skool (prod by TM88)
14. Juicy J - Waste No Time (prod by Zaytoven)
15. Juicy J - How It Go (prod by Southside)
16. Juicy J - Road To Sri Lanka (prod by Juicy J & Crazy Mike)

DOWNLOAD: Juicy J - Lit In Ceylon (Mixtape)


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