There's a lot of pressures involved with being a new artist. You can only make a first impression once, and the earliest moves you make are the ones that are put under a microscope the most.

We've been able to follow Chance The Rapper for quite some time now. What's amazing about his come-up, is that we're not alone in seeing it happen. If your a kid from Chicago, you've known about Chance for a while. Over the past year though, things have changed. He's become the hottest new artist in music, on everyones radar. Since the release of Acid Rap, Chance has been traveling the world nonstop. Literally, nonstop for a year.

Being exposed to so many different cultures and countries can really teach you something. The power of language is very real. Communication and how people perceive your actions is really what determines who you are to others, especially those who are quick to pass judgement. To wrap up 'Season One' of our Portraits series, we met up with Chance The Rapper on his 'Social Experiment Tour' where he spoke to us in the mountains about a recent encounter he had in Canada that put things into perspective.

Thanks to everyone that tuned in to Portraits over the past few months, and look out for Season Two in 2014.