OG Maco & Key! Hint At 'Give 'Em Hell 2'

Source: Twitter

Last year, Key! and OG Maco took the music world by storm with the release of their collaborative EP Give 'Em Hell. The project was considered by many, to be amongst the best new rap projects of 2014. Since the release of the project, Atlanta's two emerging talents have had a bumpy relationship. However, things seem to have patched up as the two have reportedly resolved their differences. The last few days, OG Maco has teased the idea on Twitter, and last night officially confirmed that they are working on Give 'Em Hell 2. It is refreshing to see that they will be working together again, considering they bring out the best in one another. Key! and OGG also joined forces last night at a very rare show at Ham On Everything in Los Angeles. Look below for the tweets and a clip of the performance.


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