FowL - Tall Tale LP

Source: LiveMixtapes
The Tall Tale LP, FowL's much anticipated project, is now here. This LP contains 15 tracks with production from Fly.Union, Big Duke, DrewByrd, The Futuristiks, and more. FowL showcases himself as an exceptional artist with Tall Tale LP, and further proves that his name and music will be heard for years to come. Check out the tracklist and download this project below.
01. FowL - Boyz N The Hood [Prod. By Red Dot]
02. FowL - Spark Up [Prod. By Clockwork Muzik]
03. FowL - Worried Bout Me [Prod. By FowL]
04. FowL - How It Feels [Prod. By DrewByrd]
05. FowL - Tables Turn (Feat. Darnell Williams) [Prod. By The Futuristiks]
06. FowL - LA [Prod. By The Futuristiks]
07. FowL - Breakin' Bills [Prod. By Fly.Union]
08. FowL - In A Sense [Prod. By Hir-O]
09. FowL - Upside Down [Prod. By Big Duke]
10. FowL - World Is Ours [Prod. By Fly.Union]
11. FowL - Momma [Prod. By Big Duke]
12. FowL - Detroit Riot [Prod. By Rami]
13. FowL - Letter To My (Younger) Self [Prod. By All Day Recess]
14. FowL - EP To LP Outro
15. FowL - Sweep [Prod. By Kelvin K. Brown]

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