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If you haven't already heard, Yung Jake is nominated for an O Music Award. To backtrack, Yung Jake isn't really the easiest artist to classify. In our opinion, he's one of the only rappers out there that's pushing limits creatively and introducing new ideas in a digital age. It's not really fair for us to just post '', as the spectrum of art Yung has released over the years is all equally mind-blowing. His 'Augmented Real' app was recently showcased at the Sundance Film Festival which included a performance broadcasted to the crowd from Yung Jake in another room of the building. There's the hood classics like 'Datamosh' and 'Hats', which we embedded below. We're not really sure the best way to introduce this, but click the image above and let Safari, or whatever web browser do it's thing. There will be pop-up's, but once you see the YouTube video click play. Afterwards, once you've calmed down, vote for Yung Jake.