Produced by: Chuck Inglish Directed by: ILLROOTS Edited by: Dylan Knight Shot by: Mike Carson & Dylan Knight

It's a hot summer day in California, and something terrible has happened. Everyone has different sides to their personality, but for Mac Miller, his alter ego keeps fucking with his shit. Maybe it's because he's been hanging around Schoolboy Q too much lately. Whatever the case may be, we get a glimpse at this evil side of Mac with a special appearance from Top Dawg's own in the music video for 'GEES'. We had a lot of fun creating this video and always enjoy linking up with the Most Dope Family on creative visuals. Who could forget the 'America' video which we dropped almost exactly one year ago? Be sure to support Watching Movies With The Sound Off, and stay on the look out for #ILLROOTS3 and the return of ILLAMERICA.