VIMBY - Ali Vegas

From Rapper tp UN Ambassador and everywhere in between. Ali Vegas has become a veteran of this industry from sour deals to Rich Soil Entertainment and friend Lamar Odom starting their own thing. Thanks to persistance and determination Ali is poised to jump into 08' with a presence. Enter The Prince. Ali Yooooo
Ali: Whats Good Long Time Bro
Ali: I'm cool But Yo Why the name Ali Vegas?
Ali: A .live. Intelligent. Very.Exclusive Gifted.artistic.scholar Oh okay that's dope. But give me some back story on the whole Lamar Odom situation.
Ali: Well me and him is family so sense we were young we wanted to own a label together. oh okay you've been doing music for a while what was the first tape you bought?
Ali: Slick rick, I'm in love with tapes Yea me too I got tons, but Rich Soil. Why the name
Ali: Every seed needs "Rich Soil" to grow But your new album has production from Premo to Cool & Dre, give me one track that is your favorite, who its produced by and What is the concept?
Ali: "Dislikes feat.TRL". Dislikes is about the dislike between the teachers and students, Baron boys produced it. "If I" is another favorite, Produced by J Nice. I love them 2 records. But how do feel about 08 Hip Hop right now your opinions on the different movements within music right now.
You Already Know" Directed by Rik Cordero
Ali: I feel its perfect timing for Ali Vegas to emerge. I mean right now I think that its the golden era of hip-hop because think about it Hip-Hop is both global and local. You can go get a brand of YOUR hip-hop and everyone elses.
Ali: When Tribe and Digital Underground was out it set the stage for the Nas and B.I.G. era. I'm going to take it to its next level. So everyone has their opinions on Sean Bell and the incidents that are taking place in our judicial system.
Ali: Yea me to we gotta be more aware of our surroundings But in Hip-Hop we talk about it and make songs about it but what else is there to do, any suggestions?
Ali: We have to remember the struggle when we get on the top of the game. Because a lot of the ones on top forget when they get on top. But in a time when people are so focus on branding and marketing what efforts are you taking to bring the Ali Vegas brand into the spotlight?
Ali: Just by applying humbleness back to the game

"Many Mics/Look in the Mirror" Directed by Rik Cordero ways are you going to market your new album that haven't been done before?
Ali: With me its bigger then rap. I just was invited to Africa as a UN Ambassader for the Malaria Festival. Wow.
Ali: So I deal with real shit. Its not just rap with me That's refreshing to hear. Do you address any of this in "The Generation Gap"?
Ali: Yes I touch on all subjects So I see that Rich Soil is a clothing line as well, with being such a philanthropist I expect that you have guys don't outsource too much.
Ali: I just mainly concentrate on the music. Thats what is going to take me around the globe so I can get point across and open more eyes. with the music I've heard your stuff from back in the day till now how do you feel you've grown as an artist and what steps do you think you took that helped guide your career.
Ali: I don't take the business personal I've always been humble everybody is somebody to me.

"By Your Side" Directed by Rik Cordero No, what I meant to say was how do you feel artistically you've grown as an artist
Ali: Artistically I've learned to accept what is expected of me from the listeners and that has to be my biggest growth. ahh, You were signed in the 90's with some of the biggest tho right, i remember being in Baltimore hearing of you.
Ali: Yea. It was great era. For somebody who has been around for such a span, you've seen alot of this.
Ali: Yea I have You seem to be a very chill person and i'm not going to take up too much of your time, truthfully i wasn't a fan before this I think that your album is going to be dope
Ali: Thank alot and I will continue to work hard on not letting the people down. Thanks again For taking the time out to interview me.

"Turn My Grind Up" Directed by Rik Cordero Thank you and feel free to reach out to us, your always welcome over here.For more go to as well check out Rich Soil Entertainment