Wiki - Lil Me (Album)

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Wiki of RATKING delivers a new album today titled Lil Me. His project holds a total of 17 tracks with feature and production contributions from Skepta, Harry Fraud, Kaytranada, Skywlkr, and more. Take a look at this tracklist, stream and/or download Lil Me below.

1. WikiFlag (pt.1 prod. Madlb / pt.2 prod. Sporting Life)
2. Livin' with My Moms [ft. Nasty Nigel] (prod. Black Noi$e)
3. Seedy Motherfucker (prod. Black Mack)
4. Hit the L [ft. Hak] (prod. Sporting Life)
5. Old Blocks New Kids [ft. Jadasea] (prod. Sporting Life & Isaiah Barr)
6. Cherry Tree [ft. Micachu] (prod. Micachu & Sporting Life)
7. God Bless Me [ft. Sporting Life & Skepta] (prod. Skywlkr)
8. Club Shit (prod. DJ Lucas)
9. Lil Me (prod. Sporting Life)
10. 3 Stories (prod. Kaytranada)
11. Whole Half [ft. Antwon & Jesse James Solomon] (prod. Yung Gutted)
12. Sunday School Dropout [ft. Hak] (prod. Harry Fraud)
13. Patience [ft. Antwon] (prod. Sporting Life)
14. Crib Tax (prod. Kaytranada)
15. Ioneedmuch [ft. Teddy AF] (prod. Sporting Life)
16. Sonatine [ft. Slicky Boy] (prod. Lee Bannon)
17. Sun Showers [ft. Teddy AF] (prod. Black Mack)

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