Tori Kelly Is Our New Voice


Last week, Tori Kelly released her album Unbreakable Smile. Her profound reminds us of Lauryn Hill with a soulful and mature sound that is decades beyond her age. Tori recently showcased her talent as she performed alongside Smokey Robinson at this year's BET Awards, which you can see here. Her performance also received critical acclaim from Snoop Dogg which can be seen in his post below.

The talented 22-year old shows her progression from winning America's Most Talented Kid and having millions of views on YouTube to presenting a strong debut album. During her time in the game, Tori has also reaped major compliments on her talent from the likes of John Legend, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber. Her new album boasted a #1 and #2 spot on the iTunes charts as well. The project includes 16 tracks with features from Ed Sheeran, LL Cool J and more. We're excited for what she will bring to the table. Check out her most recent music video for 'Should've Been Us' here and check out Unbreakable Smile on iTunes.


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