SayItAintTone - My Closet (Ft. Big Sean)

Directed by: Ken Koller
DP: Julian Muller
Edited by: Ken Koller & Myriam Schroeter
Produced by: Logombo Potter
As heard on: SayItAintTone - SayItAint (Mixtape)
When we first heard 'My Closet' on Big Sean's Finally Famous 3: BIG mixtape and then again on SayItAintTone's SayItAint project, it instantly became one of our favorite tracks of the summer. After running into Tone and Sean at Bamboozle a couple weeks back, it was unanimous that a visual component needed to happen as soon as possible. We linked up with them outside of Detroit at Revive and a few other locations for an excellent display of swag in which these two are unmatched. Take a look inside the Finally Famous collection, from Stanley Cups to mink coats. Finally Famous drops June 28th!

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