Rock The Bells 08!

"The tradition of top names and memorable performances continues in 2008"
(Confirmed Tour Dates Inside)
Sat 7/19 - Chicago, IL
Sun 7/20 - Toronto, ON
Sat 7/26 - Boston, MA
Sun 7/27 - New York, NY
Sat 8/2 - Miami, FL
Sun 8/3 - Philadelphia, PA
Sat 8/9 - Los Angeles, CA
Sat 8/16 - San Francisco, CA
Sat 8/23 - Denver, CO
Sat 8/30 - Vancouver, BC
God damn this is going to be big, they haven't even announced all the dates yet & they already got these up. This is going to be 20 times bigger than last years RTB. illRoots is going to cover this shit hard '08 too, last year only Mike Waxx got to go, but you better believe my broke ass is trying to scrounge up some money, probably set up a bootleg ass booth in Philly too.
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