Nued Maj - Send N.U.E.D’s (Album Stream)

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Nued Maj returns to our page this week with his brand new album Send N.U.E.D's. The project hold a total of 9 solo records from the late artist. Nued Maj tragically passed away over Easter weekend. He was only 21 years old. Stream his new album Send N.U.E.D's below.

Nued Maj was only 21 when he passed over Easter Weekend. He is survived by his girlfriend Mikala Walker and his 5 month year old baby girl, Violet. Maj wanted nothing more than to make the music dream happen. He worked harder than most on the come up, led by diligence and discipline. Maj always kept the vision even when life got difficult. When others would turn away he would fall into his music. He was so full of life and always showed love. He made everyone around him feel like family. Inclusivity was important to him. That was what set him apart in this rap game. He was set to be the first to put OKC on the map. Now it is time for the world to celebrate him the way he celebrated everyone he loved. - Elizabeth Compton

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