Nipsey Hussle's Philanthropy To Be Added To U.S. Congressional Record


In the aftermath of the untimely demise of the great Nipsey Hussle, fellow artists, supporters, celebrities and more have displayed numerous acts of love towards him. An announcement was made today by Congresswoman Karen Bass stating that she

"will be heading to the House Floor next week to formally enter Nipsey Hussle's contributions to South Los Angeles into the Congressional Record where it will be a part of United States history forever."

Nipsey Hussle accomplished many of his aspirations while he was here. He preached ownership, financial literacy, investing in the neighborhood you're from and much more. One of Nipsey's major achievements came with his involvement in Vector 90, a STEM center and co-working space to close the gap between underrepresented communities and Silicon Valley.

R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle!


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