Lil' B Holds Lecture At MIT


Lil' B recently gave a speech at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The room was packed with students during this exclusive lecture, as they anticipated a speech from quite possibly the world's most honest musician. Lil' B touched on just about everything during the lecture; offering a plethora of wise words, spreading the Based message as he opened up about his personal life and future business plans. Attached below are some of his most impactful quotes from the lecture as well as a few short video clips from his recent visit at MIT. To read the speech in its entirety, head over to The FADER.

"The main thing I want to bring tonight is positivity in the workforce. I want to start off with a quote I made especially for MIT. This is something for everyone to think about. "Less opinion, more perspective." What I mean by that is, sometimes I feel like an opinion is more ego driven. We're protecting the outer. We work hard, and it's a lot of mental things that go into working hard as well as training yourself, as all the beautiful people in here future scientists, engineers, programmers, all that. People I might be working for. The code of ethics in your job and where you work, the company you may create, or if you work for somebody, make sure you bring that love, and bring that positivity. Making sure you come and understand that we're in this together. Even if we're not, we need to learn, and learn to figure out ways to understand."
"Make sure you comfort everybody, because you have so much power. The influence you do have, make sure you use that for the right things that's going to propel you, and propel your company. It's not always about making profit. I know y'all know how to make profit, and I know that's what it's about! But I'm very happy that I can come here and tell you I'm someone that has not been driven by the profit. You can succeed with the people. All the people that you see in here, we have in common. You can make new friends. We all need each other in here. Each and every person in this building is extremely special and extremely beautiful, and is gifted."
"I think because I know that it's all about congruency, incongrunecy, communication. And I realize that a lot of people are embarrassed sometimes. We all get embarrassed. It's about the messages. We all want to talk, we all want to be right, we all want to be heard. And it's a lot of times, sometimes people are embarrassed—just with even little things. Anything. I am here to comfort you. I chose my job to be a healer, you know what Im saying? I took that position. I said, "I want to be a healer. I want to help." And that was my big thing. We all have choices, you know what I'm saying? And just make sure, with the jobs that you guys do, take that healer approach. Cause it feels good. It feels amazing to wake up everyday and feel like, "I love my job, I love my life, I hope I don't die."

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