Jamie Foxx - Baby's In Love (Ft. Kid Ink)


With his album due out in a few weeks, new music surfaces from Jamie Foxx with his track 'Baby's In Love' featuring Kid Ink. Keeping up with the same vibe of the last record, Jamie continues his dance sound for this track. Take a listen to 'Baby's In Love' below and peep the official tracklist to his upcoming album Hollywood: A Story Of Dozen Roses slated to drop on May 18th.

1. Dozen Roses, Pt. 1
2. You Changed Me (Ft. Chris Brown)
3. Like a Drum (Ft. Wale)
4. Another Dose
5. Tease (Ft. Pharrell)
6. Baby’s In Love (Ft. Kid Ink)
7. Text Message
8. Hollywood
9. Vegas Confessions
10. Socialite
11. Dozen Roses, Pt. 2
12. In Love By Now
13. Jumping out the Window
14. On the Dot (Ft. Fabolous)
15. Dozen Roses, Pt. 3
16. Right Now
17. Pretty Thing
18. Ain’t My Fault

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