ILLROOTS Radio: Volume One (Hosted By Chase B)

Artwork by: YKMW & Perry Shall
ILLROOTS has a come a really long way in nearly six years. When we first started as a Wordpress blog, the only connection we had really was to the internet. Fresh Dunks was born as a mixtape series dedicated to providing listeners with all our favorite new songs in one single download, mixed from front to back. The art of the mixtape has changed greatly over the past few years, and we decided to bring back a longtime favorite of ours and introduce ILLROOTS Radio: Volume One. Every so often we'll be dropping new volumes that feature whatever we're listening to at the moment. As of today it's Kendrick Lamar, King Chip, Chief Keef, Big Sean, Chance The Rapper, Sir Michael Rocks, Casey Veggies, Kanye West, Domo Genesis, Wiz Khalifa, Ro Ransom, Juicy J, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky and more. The entire tape is mixed by Chase B. so if you've ever been without music then this is your solution. We're just getting started, who knows where we'll take this.
Stream the mixtape above or check out the tracklist below with download link to split up version. Rock with us for this 80 minute mix, over thirty songs that you can fit onto a blank CD if that's what you're into. Perfect for the car, parties, etc. #ILLROOTS3 coming soon, new ILLAMERICA too.

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