Ibra Ake - b i r d s

Source: Love Is For The Birds

Ibra Ake has created a new mixtape titled b i r d s. This project is comprised 12 tracks of various new artists that he has curated, along with a prologue by Bridget Minamore and contributions from the likes of Theophilus Martins, Steve G. Lover III, Michael Christmas, and more. Peep the full tracklist, download b i r d s below, and check out 'Da Prologue' and 'Perspective From Space' videos here.

1. Mudra - CE
2. R & R - Girls of Cheetah
3. Dreamlike Forests - Xavier Lee, Julia Spada
4. Perspective From Space - Michael Christmas
5. Look On The Bright Side - Theophilus Martins
6. Ornithology with Pablo - Pablo Torre from ESPN
7. Feels - Dorian Duvall
8. Change Minds - Steve G. Lover III
9. Neighbor - Pegasus Warning, Gordon Voidwell, Tecla
10 .'93 Jeep - Quincy Vidal
11. Thunder and Lightning - Jared Cotter Prod (JL Brown)
12. The Best Thing - Steve G. Lover III

DOWNLOAD: Ibra Ake - b i r d s (Mixtape)


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