DOM Kennedy - Best After Bobby

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Shout out to James Banuelos of the Digital X, and if you didn't know its Us Versus Them x illRoots all day long.

1. Kept It Thorough
2. Notorious DOM Pt. 2
3. DOM Good
4. Best You Never Had
5. Best After Bobby Speech Part 1
6. Idontwannafuckeverygirlintheworld (Ft. cARTer & Jason Madison)
7. Player Shit
8. 8 Questions
9. Arrived On Time
10. King Of LA (Interlude)
11. D O Muah
12. Cooler
13. Toast
14. Left Side, Right Side (Ft. Ree$e & Skeme)
15. Best After Bobby Speech Part 2
16. My Patna And Dem (ft. Ree$e)
17. Up And Down Remix (Ft. Rich Boy)
18. On And Off Switch (Ft. Like & Mibbs of Pac Div and Mykel
19. Wish Me Luck! (Ft. BrandUn DeShay & TiRon)
20. Compton, South Central
21. I Hate Summers
22. They Say I'm

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