DJ Esco Talks 56-Day Jail Stint In Dubai With The FADER

Source: The FADER

Just over a week ago, DJ Esco was released from a 56 day jail stint in the United Arab Emirates. The Freebandz-affiliate, also Future's DJ, was convicted on marijuana possession during an additional screening at an Abu Dhabi airport. Esco went through extreme conflict and challenge in attempt to return home. He spent a majority of his time in a prison where he was not just the only American, but also had to make due with hardly any translation help and huge language barriers. The only person who had any impact on the timeliness of his return was the one prosecutor handling his case. After weeks in jail, he finally got in touch with the U.S. Embassy to try and help get him out and make some sense of what his responsibilities were to return home. After a startling eight-week projection on his release, Esco was eventually freed in 56 days after developing a personal relationship with the warden. Click here as he tells the entire story from his perspective with The FADER.


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