Bryson Tiller - True To Self (Album Stream)

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Bryson Tiller has just put out his new album True To Self. This 19-track project wasn't supposed to drop until June 23rd but plans have changed and no one is complaining. You can pick up this joint on iTunes and listen below.

1. Rain On Me
2. No Longer Friends
3. Don't Get Too High
4. Blowing Smoke
5. We Both Know
6. You Got It
7. In Check
8. Self-Made
9. Run Me Dry
10. High Stakes
11. Rain Interlude
12. Teach Me A Lesson
13. Stay Blessed
14. Money Problems / Benz Truck
15. Set It Off
16. Nevermind This Interlude
17. Before You Judge
18. Somethin Tells Me
19. Always

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