Boldy James - Trappers Alley: Pro's & Con's

Source: @BoldyJames
With his first online release, Detroit's own Boldy James is here to tell his story with the brand new mixtape Trappers Alley: Pro's. This is only the beginning of hopefully much more music from Boldy as his talent is definitely something new and refreshing to the rap game. We appreciate everybody's support on this project.
1. James (Intro)
2. Long Run (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
3. Dice Game (Prod. by Brains)
4. Ground Beneath My Feet (Prod. by Sterling Toles)
5. Applied Mathematics (Skit)
6. I Sold Dope All My Life (Prod. by The Plug)
7. Devil In Disguise (Prod. by Brains)
8. Concrete Connie (Ft. Tennille) (Prod. by Brains)
9. Drops Of Reign (Ft. Sir Michael Rocks) (Prod. by Tye Hill)
10. You Know My Name (Skit)
11. Home Invasion (Prod. by Tye Hill)
12. Killin' Da 5th (Prod. by Don Cannon)
13. Truck Drivin' School (Prod. by Brains)
14. JIMBO (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
15. TopVillain (Prod. by Brains)
16. Meet The Neighbors
17. There Goes The Neighborhood (Prod. by Blended Babies)
18. Optional (Prod. by Brains)
19. What's Da Goody Bag (Prod. by Exile)
20. Heavy Weight (Prod. by Creepstar)
21. Gettin' Flicked (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
22. Runnin' From The Police (Prod. by Johnny Quest and Brains)
23. Send A Message (Skit)
24. Make It Work (Ft. Wabby Gale) (Prod. by Brains)
25. Bulk Pick Up (Prod. by A.B. From 46st)
26. Pumpin' Gas (Ft. Louie P Newton) (Prod. by LPN)
27. Life Time (Prod. by Exile)
28. This My Corner (Outro)

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