A.P.'s 'Terminal A' Drops 12/29

A.P. - Frequent Flyer
Finally, after months of working on this project, Im finally ready and proud to roll this out. I spent a lot of time investing into to this just to iron my ideas and concept out completely and Im very excited about it. This project "Terminal A" represents my journey and transition into this new era of what I feel is the beginning of the rest of my life. The entire project was produced by the "Third Letter C" and will be available digitally on I-tunes December 29th! My first song "Frequent Flyer" inspired this entire tape and is my first leak, I let go a snippet early last year and finally finished it with the mixtape!
A.P. is about to hit the world running with Terminal A and you already know illRoots is right in line and I got a Window seat. After the jump we have the complete tracklist for his new street album Terminal A in stores December 29th.1. First Class
2. Frequent Flyer
3. Stewardess Love
4. Lost Luggage
5. Baggage
6. Turbulence
7. Jet-lagged
8. Cargo featuring Hen-Roq
9. Late Arrival

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