Produced by: HighDefRaj

Nemo Achida releases new music with 'Nowadays They Spark', produced by HighDefRaj and addressing the subject of gun violence in Lexington, Kentucky. Regarding this track, Nemo states the following:

"Ever since about 2005/2006 there's been a wave of gun-violence in the college town I'm from, Lexington, Kentucky, which isn't typically a city that has to deal with shootouts & drive-bys. 2013 brought forth a war amongst the youth that I didn't see coming and I lost a nice amount of childhood friends at clubs, bowling alleys, park functions, etc. So since I have a voice amongst that scene, I figured I should put the warning out. Game time is over...either be all the way in or all the way out. Nobody really wants to put they hands up & brawl anymore. The lust for evil-reputation is at an all time high and it's the youngest dudes in the streets that are taking lives. I mentioned MLK Blvd., because it seems to always be in the middle of the most poverty stricken, violence/drug ridden communities and although MLK had a very strong and powerful dream, walking down MLK Blvd. is a constant reminder that his dream has only been partly fulfilled."

Stream and/or download 'Nowadays They Spark' below.