New music from James Fauntleroy arrives this Valentine's Day with 'I Never Know What She’s Doing'. This song is definitely fitting for the current season. Stream 'I Never Know What She’s Doing' above, and read the full lyrics to this track below.

Well if I haven't told you lately...
It's crazy being gone all the time
I never know what you're doing
What you doing?
I wanted to fall in love
I just want us fall in love every time
When its you
Girl, I do...
Every night
Turning one into two nights (tonights ;)
That's when I wanna fall in love with you
Two lives
Of loving you, that's not enough of you
You guessed right, I'm living just for you...
My next life i'll still be loving you
But tonight
I wanna fall in love again...
When its you
Girl, I do...
Every night...........