Produced by: Apollo Brown

Most people took note of Danny Brown in 2011 when they first heard XXX, but that wasn't anywhere close to the start of his music career. In 2008 he released a mixtape titled Hot Soup and on April 15th the mixtape will receive a special treatment that will include a double vinyl and two disk re-issue will include seven bonus tracks. Included will be an alternate version of 'Contra' which you can hear above.

Hot Soup track list:

1. "Level One"
2. "Dance"
3. "What Up Doe"
4. "Ten G's a Week"
5. "Sittin' So High"
6. "Swagger to the Max"
7. "Succeed" [ft. Kineses]
8. "She Love It" [ft. Nick Speed & Lola Damone]
9. "Head"
10. "Squeeze Precisely" [ft. Rapper Big Pooh & O-Dash]
11. "Rese-Vor Dogs" [ft. Mike Luke & Chip$]
12. "Gun in Yo Mouf" [feat. Chip$ & Marv Won]
13. "Let's Go"
14. "Two Steps Back"
15. "Work Song"
16. "Streets of Detroit"
17. "Numbers"
18. "Watch 'Em"
19. "Hot Soup Commercial"
20. "Hot Soup Interview" [ft. K-Fresh]

Bonus 45:
Side A: "Contra"
Side B: "Radiohead"